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BnB Insurance Cover South Africa

Because we understand the B&B and Guest house business!
And here are just a few of the reasons...

  • The policy covers both the personal and business portions of the establishments.

  • We are the largest insurer of B&Bs and guesthouses in South Africa.

  • PREMIUM DISCOUNTS for owners over 50 and for members of any of the approved associations or graded by the grading council.

  • LIABILITY LIMITS up to R100m written by major liability underwriters at Lloyds of London.

  • NO FORCIBLE AND VIOLENT entry requirements for theft.

  • Bilking cover included up to R5000 per event.

  • LOSS OF REVENUE COVER following:
    1. fire, storm or flood
    2. telecommunications breakdown
    3. suicide, murder or rape or any attempt thereat
    4. shark attack or oil spillage
    5. cancellation of event
    6. staff stayaways - legal or otherwise
    7. failure of essential equipment eg. air conditioners
    8. death or hospitalisation of a "key member" being a spouse, partner or manager
    9. traumatic event at the premises
    10. cancellation beyond the control of the guest
    11. theft - subject to 7 day excess from date reported to the company and limited to 30 days from date of loss.

  • BnB SURE ASSIST is on all policies and includes cover for certain electrical and plumbing problems such as blocked drains (not septic tanks) PLUS it covers appliance breakdown to such items as washing machines, tumble driers, fridges and TV sets at a nominal call out fee of R280.
    And included at no cost!

  • Subsidence and Landslip included under the buildings section.

  • Personal effects of guests in terms of the contents section and not otherwise insured can be covered up to R200 000.

  • Trauma counselling costs of R1000 per person (limit R6000 per incident) following a violent event at the establishment.

  • Trauma counseling costs of R1000 per person (limit R5000 per incident) following an event in a motor vehicle insured on the policy.

  • Accidental damage cover on contents (up to R15 000) and buildings (up to R10 000 when buildings are insured on the policy).

  • Garden plants up to R5000 if they are damaged or destroyed during fire fighting operations or by a motor vehicle.

  • Signs and signposts up to a limit of R5000.

  • Passenger Liability with same limit as liability section.


Means no excess is applicable and No Claim Bonus will not be affected on the motor vehicles of less than R200,000 in value if it is clear that the insured driver is not to blame.

BnB Finder Website
A listing on the www.bnbfinder.co.za website, a reservation facility, which is marketed in South Africa. This service to our policyholders is FREE!

BnB Sure Club
An automatic member of BnB Sure Club. The club offers our clients discounts from suppliers who offer services to the industry.


To go to the BnB Sure Website [ Click Here ]

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BnB SURE Accommodation Finder is a facility provided free of charge to clients of BnB SURE - The Comprehensive Insurance Policy for Bed and Breakfast and Guest House owners which covers both Home and Business risks in one policy. This search facility is intended to provide basic information (including contact details) of bed and breakfast / guest houses on our data base. The facility is not intended to be an endorsement by BnB SURE of any of the service providers listed herein. It is the responsibility of each person making use of this facility to conduct further enquiries as needed, to check on the suitability of any of the service providers listed herein. Furthermore, BnB SURE cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of the information presently listed on this facility".