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Timour Hall Villa

Hello! Hopefully we're welcoming you back, but if you're a first time visitor... we hope you'll come back often!
What an amazing year 2012 was for all of us here at Timour Hall Villa. We not only had a number of amazing visitors - both locals and internationals - but we had some interesting high points including some filming which took place on cold day in October!
2013 has followed the familiar pattern of life here at the Villa, racing through January as we prepare the grounds for the IPA Classic Car & Bike Show and then the inevitable exhaustion after the busy two day weekend! Before we know it, it's February again and the year seems to be flying towards us.
Wednesday nights are still club nights and our ever popular Bring & Braai's continue to provide our friends and members with a wonderful midweek break. Many an evening has been spent braaing with a few friends & other IPA members until long after the sun has gone down!
So, to our regulars, we're always happy to see you and to new friends, yet to be made, we look forward to every minute.
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Timour Hall Villa, Timour Hall Road, Plumstead, 7848

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